Thursday, December 16, 2010


We woke up this morning to a little bit of snow, but it has been snowing all day and it is beautiful!
I brought my camera with me downtown going to the post office

I did all the Christmas cards yesterday, if you are a very good friend you have got a card with the twins on, sorry, I did not order enough. I do a lot of Christmas cards to all over the world, wow, that was very expensive to mail all of them, maybe I will start sending mine as a e-mail next year, as so many are doing.... but I personally prefer a card in the "real" mailbox...
It is still snowing, this is from the garden
Next time I will welcome you to my Christmas house

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Fru Keilegavlen said...

Flotte snøbilete! Her har vi og fått mykje snø,- så kjekt! Håpar berre den ligg til over jul. Enig med deg i at det er koselegast å få julekort i posten og ikkje på epost. Er noko meir personleg over det då. Ønskjer deg ei fin adventshelg.