Saturday, June 27, 2009

Traveling twins

We are ready for our first flight! We have two passports each!

Leaving the sizzling heat in Texas for a month of nice weather in Norway. It is nice there now and we hope it will last for a while.

A lot of luggage this time, but I have made room for my knitting and crocheting too. Two babyjackets and my granny square blanket is coming with me. Wonder if I will find time to work on them.

Hoping for a baby friendly flight! Next posting from Norway next week!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have to show my redwork pillows and here, also our Maine coon cat Redwork stitchery was very popular a couple of years ago, now it seems like everyone is knitting, quilting or crocheting "granny squares", a lot of blogs have pictures of their version of the squares.

Here is mine, now I am out of yarn. Have to wait until I am back home in Norway or ask friends if they have some leftover yarn. I am using "baby wool".

Our swallows had 4 babies, one day they all left the nest!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I read somewhere that it is typically Norwegian to talk about the weather, and yes, that is very true. Weather comes up in most conversations, and esspecially in May, when we have our independence day and we're hoping for nice weather for the parade.
When the weather is nice in Norway, everyone is out, either for a walk in nature or at an outdoor restaurant enjoying a cold beer.
Here it's getting hotter each and every day. Nobody is outside... It is way too hot!
This is from a week ago, when we had some rather nice mornings... I enjoyed my breakfast outside!

I bought a birdhouse, maybe some birds will move in?
Our swallows now have 4 babies and they keep their parents busy, I think they are ready to fly in just a few days.
I've noticed in many blogs that it is popular to crochet "granny" blankets, so I had to start one too. I do one piece each day, that is managable along with all my other ufo's.

Here is how far I got on my babyjacket before I was out of yarn, but a nice lady back home has some for me so that I can finish it when I'm home.

We are nearly 6 months now!!