Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finished projects

I finished the baby hats and I am pleased with them. The little ones are sleeping now, but I will show them with their hats on later.

This is the owldress "uglekjolen", made for my little princess.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Stella, our Maine Coon cat

We have two cats, one that we brought from Norway, Lizzy, and Stella. Stella is a Maine Coon and she is 3 years old tomorrow. We bought her at a cat show here in Houston when she was almost 1 year. We did not go to the show to get a cat, but she came home with us... it took a long time before Lizzy accepted her in the house, and she is still not very friendly towards her. Luckily that Stella is so much bigger.

Her name in the papers is Terrificats Thunderella, but we shortened it to Stella. She is a brown/black classic tabby maine coon. The Maine coons are also called "the gentle giant" and Stella is a very good example of that, she is very friendly.

Here she is with our baby boy.

She is a indoor cat, but once in a while she takes a little walk outside in the garden

The bathroom sink is one of her favorite places.

Still room for two of us!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Twins are 2 months old on Valentine! Here they are in their new valentine outfit.

They keep me very busy, but in between feeding and diaper changing I managed to work on baby sister's dress, I am knitting her a dress called "uglekjolen", I tried to frame big sister's cross stitching and I even managed to bake! I had a lot of energy yesterday...

This afternoon they have been sleeping for a few hours and I have visited my sewing room, my sewing machine welcomed me back and I made a little progress on the cowboy quilt I am making on order. I think there is a picture of the cowboy quilt earlier in my blog.