Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 Remember the jackets I knitted for the twins? It is so nice that the little ones like the things I have knitted for them. Little brother loves his dog jacket, and little sister loves her jacket too! I knitted a little wool vest for her, but it turned out too small and ended up in my online shop, they are growing fast, keep my needles working!

It is fall in Stavanger and beautiful, fresh air, these are the flowers in my garden now!

I finally changed the name of my blog, now life is in Stavanger, but already in two weeks we are in the air again, have a wonderful Wednesday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finally back, and one for each..

I can see that it is nearly a month since my last posting, it has been a busy month and we still live in boxes. The container arrived on a nice sunny day
and the fun began
It will take a long time before everything is unpacked, because I am too busy, and look here, I am so proud to finally show off one sweater for each, both knitted by myself this time!!
I found the pattern here, it was fun to knit and they have a lot of very nice patterns. I used some 100% wool yarn that I already had and the blue in his sweater was given to my by a good friend in Houston.
The hats also have a story, they started out as going to be a felted bag... another friend had started the project, she ended up not liking it and she gave the started project together with all the wool to me. I knitted a few rows then two seams on Tone's sewing machine (mine is still in a box somewhere) and here we have two hats!!
Thanks to everyone that patiently has been looking into my blog waiting for new stuff and thanks to the new followers!
I know, I need to find a new name, well, still thinking... it will probably be "Hobbies and life in Stavanger" because that is what it is all about..
With two little ones looking into the window of the kindergarden, I will wish everyone a good weekend wherever you are. I will enjoy one with lots of rain! Little brother will run out in the rain and say : bade, bade and jump into the first puddle he can find...