Monday, May 25, 2009


Taking the twins to the mall can be kind of amusing. They have a stroller that is quite uncommon here and it seems like everyone has to stop to comment on it and the babies. "Wow, how cute, are they twins, boy and girl?" These are the most common comments. Men will admire the stroller and one comment was "That must be the Hummer version of a stroller." Another is "Are they identical?" This is practical impossible because they are different gender.
But this one is, to date, the best one. This one is priceless: one woman said, "My husband is a boy/girl twin too! His sister is a girl." My oldest daughter looked at me with big eyes and said in Norwegian "I am glad she is!".

The mall has an indoor skating rink and one of the biggest fireplaces I have seen! Even though, yes, it is nearly 95 F (35 degrees C) outside.

One of the baby stores had these. I just had to buy them; I've never seen anything like it!!

Did some shopping...

The thistle shawl is now put aside and I am working on a baby jacket, the challenge here is, do I have enough yarn? I do not even know the name of it, so if you recognize it, let me know

Did some sewing yesterday. I made a tablerunner to put in my Etsy store, it needs some new stuff. I also cut some squares for a new 4. july quilt....

Nearly crawling!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We have a what they call a "cold front" here, the weather is just wonderful, like a nice summer day in Norway!

May 17. is Norway's national day and we, and it seems like all the other Norwegians in Houston, gathered at the Norwegian Seamen church. Here is my oldest daughter in her bunad.

I picked flowers in red, blue and white from the garden

The banana plant that I have been telling about before in this blog, has bananas on this year.

The gardenia also has a lot of flowers this year

We are 5 months!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Swallows nesting

Just outside our backdoor I have this bat hanging, one day I saw that a pair of swallows have taken interest in it.

They kept on building

This is what it looks like today, they have been very busy

The cowboy quilt is finished and I have started on a new order