Sunday, February 28, 2010


It is spring in the air and I have been cleaning house all morning. Husband is working outside, cleaning the pool and make the pots ready for spring flowers. I had a little break for coffee and knitting
On my needles now is a sweater for myself for next winter. Very easy project with thick wool yarn on big needles.
 Hope that this winter is over now, we even had snowflakes in the air on Wednesday.
The birdhouse is still vacant
The pool looks nice in the sun
Here is the bluebonnets coming
This is my little store  "Hanne's butikk" the things you see here are all for sale in my store, hope you like it.
Thanks for stopping by and thank you very much for all the nice comments, I realy appreciate it!
Have a wonderful spring week!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I just have to show you this beautiful quilt that came here last week. Again it is my friend back home who has made this one, isn't it just georgeous? I will bring it over to my "quiltinglady" to be machine quilted.  The quilt is a Paula's design. When I first came to Houston we were in the same quilt group, I have several of her designs to show you later. Now Paula has her own quilt company, "Bonnie Blue Quilts".

With some help from Anne-Grethe,  I am now experimenting with my photos. Also the same lady had done some baking on her blog, and I got inspired. She lives far up north in Norway and she is planning a trip here to Houston for the quiltfestival this fall.
A nice week end is over, and I have relaxed with alot of good magazines, just for me
The red table cloth is done and I am very pleased with it, it looks great with red and white dishes
Have a wonderful week, stay warm!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This week is nearly over and I have been planning to blog since Sunday..... Every day has started with something unexpected, but hopefully everything is back on track now.
The sun is back and on Sunday we went for a long walk around a lake. It is a so called "man made" lake, I remember when it was nothing here, but fields and wild rabbits, now it is a new neighborhood.

I finished my bag, but I am not happy with the fabrics and some new ones are already out, maybe I will like them better, if you like it, let me know...

The long socks are still on hold, and here is a little  little sweater I knitted this week. The yarn is  100% "Baby Llama", very soft and nice

I need a new tablecloth to match the red and white dishes and these fabrics will become a new one, maybe this week end.

Homebaked bread made this week. Have a nice Friday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It is still cold and grey here and we needed some colors. It is not a good time to visit Houston. Maybe it will be snowing tonight..

A good way to add colors in the day is to dye  some yarn, and the little ones have fun with running and crawling after me when I am lining the yarn up between two chairs, one in the kitchen and one in the dining room.
We had a little glimpse of the sun while the yarn hang out to dry.
Then the fun starts to rewind all the yarn....
The three skeins look very nice in the end

Our little princess has been sick, we are glad she is feeling better now. Here she is this morning in a knitted dress that her big sister had when she was 1 year. I found it in the attic when we were home last summer, but unfortunately it has some wholes in it. I don't have the pattern because I don't think it was me that knitted it. I hope to get hold of the pattern to make a new one, it is such a pretty dress.

On our table we have a beautiful runner, made by a dear friend of us. It is a "Bareroots" design, and I have a few of their designs
look at the tiny appliqued leaves
Another friend has given me one stocking each Christmas, also from a  "Bareroots" pattern
I have made the bag, sewing machine cover and the bag, I love their designs.


Have a nice Valentine week end and stay warm!