Friday, October 8, 2010


We have a beautiful autumn day today! A couple of days ago we had what they called record rain, but compare with Texas rain or the rain we experienced visiting Thailand, it is not much.

Today the little ones stayed home from kindergarten and we went for a long walk in the woods close to our house. I enjoyed my afternoon tea in my garden, instead of by a pool eaten by the mosquitoes...... when I turned around, a little guest was visiting....
This was our beautiful autumn day, enjoy the pictures! I nearly forgot to mention, on my needles are "Bee vest" knitting for myself this time!
Have a wonderful week end!
 Funny mushrooms

 Children were out playing

 Beautiful colors
 Two happy children in the sun
                                             From my garden
                                                        Playing outside
                                              My knitting and a cup of tea
                                         A friend visiting on the fence
A good old friend stopped by the other day, visiting from London, she brought me this plant, isn't it beautiful?
Lovely nasturtium (blomkarse) my favorite in the fall 
Clothes hanging out to dry, the best smell ever!

Hope you enjoyed our day, have a good one!