Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I love making scrap quilts! I empty my scrapbox and work with what I find in there. This time I found a pattern in a quilt magazine called "My Irish grandma", I did not look how big it should be, I just started, the background fabric was the only one I needed some extra yardage of.
It was on the floor in my sewing room when we went on our travel, so the cats had a nice time with it and I had to puzzle it again when we came back...

Here the top is finished, the quilt size is 69" x 84".

When I was working from my scrap box I also found these nice fabrics that I made into a small wallhanging. This one is small enough that I can quilt it on my sewing machine, the big one will be machine quilted by my "quilting lady".

Sunday, September 14, 2008


The day after we returned from Asia, the hurrican was on it's way to Houston. It was nearly empty on the shelves at Walmart Thursday afternoon...

This time the storm hit our area, and it was storm and rain all night. We could hear the roof was flying away. We were up all night, luckily we had electricity! The water started to come in after a while, so we had to put out alot of buckets. Here you can see the water is coming down inside the paint.

The next morning we could go outside and look at the damages, our house was the worst damaged in the whole neighbourhod.

Today we are cleaning up in the backyard, the hummingbird feeder came back up, and the hummingbirds were quick to come back to the feeder.

We also found this creature, whatever it is..

Friday, September 12, 2008


We finally got to Thailand, the airport reopened and we only were delayed one day.

I was knitting too, and finished my socks

The trip to Thailand was a birthday present, and look how beautiful they had decorated the bed

And I got a birthday cake!

Some pictures from the resort where we stayed:

Every day they decorated nicely with flowers.

The closest town was 10 minutes away, look at the restaurant names, and we also found a Norwegian flag at the beach!