Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Mangler bare et nøste til å gjøre ferdig hetten
på jakken til min lille prinsesse..

 Jeg hadde en pakke med dette garnet, og utrolig nok,
i et Dalegarn 218 hefte fant jeg et mønster på jakke
strikket i akkurat dette garnet, men her heter
garnet Ara. Garnet jeg hadde er kjøpt i USA.
Strikket på dobbelt garn har det gått med utrolig
mye garn. Brukte opp hele pakken på 10 nøster
og må kjøpe 2 ekstra.  Den er strikket i str.  2-3 år.

I morgen tidlig drar vi ut på årets første reise,
turen går først til London og så videre derfra.
Hvor? Følg med....  vi er tilbake om en ukes

Sunday, January 16, 2011


We have had a stay at home week end. Cartoons on tv, a lot of snack and fire in the fireplace.  We have stayed in the sofa and I have knitted hats
 Balaclava hats for the little ones, knitted in a wonderful, soft wool yarn that I bought at "The Hen house" some years ago.
Unfortunately, the little ones are sick again, this little boy is not feeling well, I hope they will get better soon.
Knitted a hat for myself, knitted in "Cascade 220 heather". I found the pattern in "Interweave Knits winter 2009"
And a hat for big sister, knitted in a soft, wool/mohair blend yarn, the same yarn that I used for little sisters jacket  and the pattern is here
Now my knitting needles will be put away for a while, I need to handquilt a small wallhanging that has been put away for years.

Have a creative week everyone and thanks for stopping by! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This time I got inspired from a blog.  I cannot remember which blog it was, but I thought it was such a great idea:
 A bag for your gingerbread cookie cutters! 
Mine used to be kept in a zip lock bag, now they are in a pretty bag with the recipe written on the front. Thanks to the owner of the blog that I cannot remember the name of.... 
 I even had some small buttons shaped like cookie cutters that I put on the strap!
My next inspiration was a movie that I saw a couple of weeks ago called "The Golden Compass". The girl in the movie had such a pretty handknitted hat that I had to try to knit one for my little girl. I used some yarn that I had in my stash, "Wool in the Woods" and it is so pretty! When the light or sun shines on it, it looks like it has tiny snowflakes on.

In my stash, I have a lot of vintage kitchen towels. Now I embroider monograms on them. Great gift idea!

Friday, January 7, 2011


The first finished project this year is my small version of the shawl called "Mrs. Barista". Thanks to "Pinneguri" for good instructions. You can find the pattern here 

I am glad I did not make it any bigger, now it is the perfect size to use as a scarf. I have too many shawls that are too big to wear under a jacket.
I love it and it will be used a lot. It is knitted in two different yarns, the light one is Alpaca from Drops and the other one is "Tynn Alpakka" from DSA.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful winter weekend, I am busy working on my next project this year.