Monday, February 28, 2011


Winter returned to Stavanger last week with snow for a few days

I had two of my big quilts washed and hung out to dry
and they both turned out great

even this one, which has wool batting.
I always use color catcher, just incase some
of the fabrics will bleed

It was nice with some sunny days

Bread is baked and another week has started

Have a creative week everyone!
You will find me in my sewing room....

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Two "old" projects are finally finished.
The jacket is handknitted in 100% wool.
Handwash only and the size is S.

The sweater is a classic cable sweater. It is a lot of
work, and it has moved from Norway to USA twice
on the knitting needles!
Unfortunatelly, the size is too small for me,
this is probably a size XS.
Handknitted, 100% wool, handwash.

If you are interested in any of these, let me know
and I can send you measurements!

Have a nice Sunday!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Never too late...

to finish a project. Here it is, nearly finished for years..
My plan was to hand quilt the outer border, but when
I found a roll of "Borders made easy", I quickly changed
my mind.

The twins have got new hats. A friend had one on her blog,
and we found the pattern here.
These hats are so quick and fun to knit, I have
already made a new one for the princess,
hers was a bit too big

Baked nice bread today, I am  on this bread
baking wave lately....and it is fun, when they turn out
 like these

Talking about waves, it has been very windy in Stavanger.
 We drove out to the beach and watched the surfers waiting for the
perfect wave, look closely and you can see them

This is my next "old" project to finish, and as you can see
from the picture, we woke up to a new winter this morning,
two happy children talked about snowmen on their
way to kindergarten...

Stay warm everyone!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This year also started out with a long travel, this time
we all needed visas for our trip.

 We traveled to Baku in Azerbaijan

It was an interesting trip, but we are glad to
be back home. Baku is not a place where we
will like to move.

We traveled via Heathrow, London.

On the way back we had a 5 hrs wait at Heathrow
and the twins checked out the big bear at Harrods.

Spending several days at a hotel can be boring for two
little ones
but the hotel had alot of room where they could run

The jacket is done, but I need to get some new buttons.

Have a nice week!