Saturday, August 30, 2008

News around the world..

Watching the news today and a hurricane is on it's way to New Orleans, will it come to Houston? I doubt that, last month another hurricane was on it's way, alot of warnings on TV, people were even told not to go to work. The hurricane never came, it did not even rain where we live. My husband had a day off work and we had a nice lunch together. Hopefully the same will happen this time.
Here in Singapore we are concerned about the latest news about demonstrations and closed airports in Thailand. We are supppose to go there tomorrow for a weeks vacation, will the airport be open? The embassy is closed on Saturdays so nobody can tell if it is safe to go or not. Isn't life exciting....

Here we are sightseeing in Singapore:

This is Emerald Hill, a street with old houses that are renovated.

Visiting Chinatown.

This is from Sentosa, a small island connected to Singapore.

Raffles hotel, yes, we did go to the Long Bar to have the famous Singapore sling.

Another image from the hotel.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Travelling again!

It has been alot of travelling this year. I have been visiting Singapore more than Stavanger! Saturday we left Houston early in the morning, via Minneapolis to Tokyo. It must have been the food I ate in Minneapolis that made me sick the whole flight, it was awful. After an hour in Tokyo we flew to Singapore, spent 10 hours in a hotel at the airport, it was good to have a rest.
Then we flew to Jakarta, Indonesia. It was my first visit there, a place with amazing contrast. This is the view from my hotel room, on one side you see the beautiful garden and pool at the hotel, on the other side is the most nasty river I have ever seen, people actually had a bath and washed their clothes in it! If you click on the picture you can see a man having a swim!

We spent a few days there, now we are back in Singapore, ofcourse I brought my knitting. The hotel room here even has a massage chair...


I finished my socks from my week end project!

A couple of months ago a friend sent me this nice Kaffe Fassett designer yarn from Regia. She said that she never saw any socks in my blog, and socks are so popular to knit these days. So here I started, trying "toe up socks" for the first time.

I know how to make socks, the old fashion way. I grew up with handknitted, wollen socks. My grandma was knitting socks to all her children and grandchildren, and that was a lot, she had 8 children and I do not have the number on all the grandchildren. Her socks was nice and warm and we used them in our rubber boots to keep us warm. Now everyone is making socks with difficult lace and cable patterns, but who will see the nice socks in our boots?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Norwegian Dale jacket

While I was "hibernating" I finally completed my Dale Jacket.

The pattern is from the booklet "Dale, the best of Tiur"

I also made another Dale pattern this summer. This is for my daughter, it is in her new school colors. I still have to knit the two pockets in the front. It is from the booklet "Dale nr. 196, konfekt"

Friday, August 15, 2008

What is on my needles this week end?

Still knitting alot, next week I will show some of my finished projects, but this week end I am working on some socks and a Kauni jacket.
Both the sock yarn Regia, and the Kauni yarn I have got from exchanges with knitting friends back home!

Finally back!

Just realized that it has been 6 months since I wrote in here... too long, and I had forgotten all passwords, but hopefully now I am back and have something to show from what has happened since last time..

We have been home this summer, and as you can see from these pictures, Stavanger had beautiful weather and it was tourists from all over the world.

Again Stavanger hosted Norway Grand Slam beach volleyball

and this young lady was volunteering as she has been doing previous years..