Thursday, October 29, 2009


I love pumpkins and fall colors, and again, fall is the best time of year here where we are living now. This is some pumpkins outside my door
My pumpkin quilt is on my wall, also this cute little stitchery, the saying on it is "Friends like pumpkins, come in many shapes" so true....
Pumpkin decorations on my table
I have a pumpkin tree, the cats love it!

I got these fabric pumpkins from a dear friend years ago....
Here is one of my own little pumpkins!!
My little pumpkins and I are making cookies today, as you can see, easy American way.
Their costumes are ready for Saturday. You will soon see a little dragoon and a witch!
Have a good one!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


is now over and my guests are back home in rain and cold...... We are not spoiled anymore with waking up to the smell of coffee and breakfast ready for the little ones, can get used to that so I think we need to hire an au pair.

The quilt festival here in Houston is the biggest convention the town is hosting and it is huge, here is overview from second floor

I was not going to buy anything at this year, but as usual I always end up with a few things. Here are some fabrics and a few new patterns
I also found a few Japanese fabrics.

I have no big plans with any of them, but some I will use to make a bag, just waiting for the pattern.

Twins have patiently been around to all fabric and quilt stores in the area

We are enjoying beautiful weather, this is for sure the best time of year in Houston.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I bought a Mah Jong game last year when I was visiting Singapore. Now I have joined a group and have tried the game and it is alot of fun. I realized that I should have bought some Mah Jong racks as well. Luckily, a friends husband was visiting Singapore and he brought back some for me. My friend gave them to me and said that knowing you, you will probably make a nice bag to keep them in. So I got the idea, and this Sunday while the twins had their afternoon nap I made us bags to keep the racks in. I used china silk and inside I made four pockets and used quilt batting for the lining. Now I just have to find some time to play....

Little sister's dress is done. Crochet the top from a pattern I found in a Norwegian weekly magazine this summer. I used fabric for the skirt and then I finished it with some embroidered silk flowers Fall flowers are welcoming my guests this week end!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


This summer a friend visited from Aberdeen, she had found a local yarnshop and got me a lot of goodies, have a look....
I do not know what to knit yet, but so far it is so nice just to look at this yarn.

A little jacket for baby brother is finished, made in a sock yarn called "Online", it took a big skein and I finished it with some brown yarn. The pattern is a free "Drops design".

Twins are now 9 months and little brother is nearly walking. Both baby chairs are packed away and replaced with these, my plan is to paint them, just finished the pillows.More toys are now taking over the house