Sunday, September 13, 2009


I made a rabbit couple this week, they are bigger than these little rabbits that we bought back home this summer, here Stella is borrowing them.
They are a Danish design called Maileg. I mailed the company and asked for their catalog and they sent me a beautiful catalog together with a cute little fellow
The twins love their little rabbits and they come along everywhere,
Here at museum, visiting the exhibition "Terracotta warriors" . The twins still get a lot of attention, we were joking that they should have had t-shirts saying "we are not a part of the exhibition".
Finally done handsewing the binding on to the big quilt, it took a while since it is huge.. now it is in my Etsy store..

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Beautiful morning, little ones had a swim and the garden work is done.


Every year in November I open my home for everyone and have a "Fall market", I have quilts and knitted items for sale. This year I have invited creative friends to bring their things because I have not had time to make so much this year, been too busy... but still have time to make some more of my small santas I will sit outside this afternoon and sew the binding on my big quilt