Monday, June 18, 2012


It has been a long time since my last posting, thanks for being patient with me. Thanks for comments and welcome to my new followers, you are all very much appreciated!

Since last time we have been traveling again, this time we have been to California, Hawaii and Texas. I took hundreds of photos and it is hard to pick a few ones, anyway, here is a few...

This sculpture is in San Diego, it is huge!

Little brother in front of the battleship Midway.

A visit to San Diego Zoo is a must...

A lot to see and do, we spent a whole day...

Then off to Hawaii!

Visiting Pearl Harbor historic sites

Pearl Harbor "Aviation museum"

Waikiki beach

Houston here we come again!

Crawfish boil in the park

we ate alot of sushi

had time to work at the ranch 

when heat is close to 32  degrees C outside,
little ones prefer the  indoor playgrounds

and a dip in the pool is good too!

The twins just turned 3,5 yrs, but they  are already
"experienced" travelers and have been alot of places!

I hope you enjoyed these images from our travel.

I will be back soon, I am busy  with my knitting needles 
and in the sewing room!

Have a nice week!


Nina said...

Kjekke bilder, skjønne barn! Tusen takk :-)

Muffin said...

Det var litt størrelse på det paret :) For noen nydelige bilder, bading og greier! Kjenner en liten spire av misunnelse! Ha en fortsatt fin ferie og kos deg med de fine småtassene!

Hannesol said...

Takk for hyggelig hilsen på bloggen! Spennende og flotte feriebilder, ser ut som små og store storkoser seg:) Ha en fin St.Hans-helg!