Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yesterday evening, it started to snow!

Two excited little hurried out to make a snowman

It kept on snowing...

and soon a big snowman was up in our backyard

Two cold little ones came in the door

and I had made some Christmas bread,
after reading this blog, it was yummy

I am still knitting on my new project,
next time you stop by, I will tell you what it is!

I got some very sad news this morning,
a dear friend in Houston past away 
yesterday, she had been fighting 
breast cancer.... .
She will be missed dearly by her 
husband and two sons and her friends
all over the world...


Eivor said...

Så nydelig !
Håper snøen ligger i juleferien til glede for de små og til mange stores fortvilelse !
Ønsker dere en god jul og et godt nytt år ! said...

Nydelig:) Fant deg i babyverden og tok meg en tur innom bloggen din..