Thursday, March 31, 2011

FIGGJO turi - design

I started a few years ago to collect these.

I could not decide if I would collect the green serie called "market"
or the blue one, called "Lotte"

So I started to buy a some of each

Both patterns was designed by Turi Gramstad Oliver who
started with Figgjo in 1960

Finally I made up my mind, and the green ones need to leave me...

To make room for more of the "Lotte" design...

Which of the designs did you like the best?
Do you want to trade?


Fru R. said...

Javisst, morsomt det da!! Men du har jo masse...hallo, gi beskjed hvis noe av det blå skal ut av huset:)

Nina said...

Heisann ! Fant denne siå i dag sjekk ut, eindel GreenGate her GOD HELG

Anonymous said...

I came to your blog by searching for Lotte turi-design. At a collection of descendant's estate I got a lot of pieces of these dishes. I have never seen them before and am now courious to learn more about it.
If you like to get in touch with me:
Would be great to get more information.
Best regards from Vienna