Friday, October 19, 2007

More knitting and Renaissance Festival

We have been to the Renaissance festival again this year, it is fun. We spent Sunday there and the weather was wonderful.
The girls got their hair braided.

Now I wonder how many knitting projects I have going. I took a trip to my favorit yarn store, and ofcourse a new project came home with me. It is a very simple one, and since I am going away for a week, I can work on it on the plane. The sweater is called Klaralund and I am using the yarn Noro for the first time.

It is flowering in my garden, the bananaplant that my son gave my for mothersday is growing fast. He ordered it on internet, and it was only a few inches when I got it.


Marihøna said...

Det var koselig å titte innom bloggen din. Masse flott å se på. Det må være morsomt å være med på en sånn festival. Ha en fin helg!

Hilde C. said...

Det ser mye grønnere og flottere ut i hagen din enn det gjør her på berget nå. Din Klaralund blir sikkert flott - jeg syns Noro garnet er utrolig flott :-)

Kate said...

Takk for hyggelig besøk i bloggen min. Festivaler er morsomme, og flettingen så kjempefin ut. Blir spennende å se GAA ferdig.

Margrethe said...

Oooh! Fine Norogarnet. Hvor er det fra? Altså, på detaljnivå når det gjelder butikk :) Jeg har strikket My Socalled Scarf nå i Noro, men mangler litt av et nøste. Tusen takk for kurset i teknikken! Skal snart blogge litt (må bare manne meg opp) med alt det kule jeg fikk kjøpt takket være deg - igjen, tusen takk, det var jo en helt fantastisk dag!

abe-hap said...

Hi thanks for popping by our site and saying Hi. That banana tree will grow taller than the roof of you house. I had one in my yard and it was huge, and it grows really quickly too. If you cut it off at the trunk if it gets to tall it will grow back again :)

aka abe-hap

Faith said...

Oh I wish I was going to a quilt fayre being in sheffield and a bit short of cash makes it difficult at the moment but thanks so much for visiting my blog, its so exciting to meet other artistic crafty quilters just like myself and makes me realise im not on my own with it all after all!!.

candyschultz said...

Oh you have a Main Coon Tabby. I had one, Harmony, for fifteen years. He was the most wonderful cat. I bet yours is as well. Thanks for coming by and lucky you for being in Houston for the show.